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I need help...sorry so long. Several months ago, one of my workers ran my front passenger side bumper into a pole. After I removed the hanging parts, it left a bundle of wires exposed. Well, a dog chewed the wires in two. This caused my front passenger light, blinker, horn and Air Compressor to not work. Yesterday, I decided that I was going to try and connect the wires mainly to see if I could get the Air working again. I pulled all the wires out of the sheath to get them ready to connect. Then I checked the fuses and apparently my hand bumping the positive cable on my battery made it loose. I tightened it. After I did that, my check engine light came on. I went to town to get a tool, and stopped by the auto parts store to get the check engine light checked. It came back as a Fuel Sensor A Low Input. I got back home, proceeded to connect the wires, and my Air worked, along with my high beams and horn. I started up the truck several times, then called it a night. This morning I went out to start it and it acted like it had trouble getting fuel, then i cut it off and tried to start it again and it turns over but wont start. It is not getting fuel.

My question is, would one of the wires...that runs under the front passenger head light...affect the fuel sensor? Or was this a coincidence and not at all related to those wires?
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