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Hey all,

I was modifying my center console storage box to fit my amateur radio and noticed that behind the bin on the floor was an open duct for the air vent. In the CC it looks like there is a vent/register that turns back toward the back seats, but on the KC is only a blank.

First thing that came to mind is why isn't the duct plugged? Second thing that came to mind: Could I simply purchase the missing piece with the register and supply the back seats. I actually have passengers in my KC and thought the extra airflow would be nice.

AIR OUTLET for 2015 Nissan Titan|68794-ZR00B

Any thoughts before I order the part just to find out? I imagine I could simply crank up the air with the center-box out to see if I get air, but that would mean taking it back apart again. With my mods, I would rather avoid re-stuffing if possible.

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