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2015 Nissan titan SV 2X2 help!!

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I hope all is well! Got my 2015 Nissan titan about a month and I love it! Have an issue though if anyone can help out! Would be muh appreciated. Noticed that when ever I hit a speed bump or any bump at a hard enough my passenger side dash starts making a vibration noise. Sometimes loud sometimes quite. One thing is for sure is that it ALWAYS stops whenever I put it in park. Stops instantly. I’ve been driving more steady lately and the noise hasn’t been happing, but whenever I’m not paying attention and hit a bump fast enough it starts back up. Any suggestions? Like I mentioned, it always stops when I put it in park for some reason? Thank you!
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maybe its the blower motor? maybe a bump knocks it just enough that its out of balance?

can you stop in drive and hit the parking brake and feel around for it?
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