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2015 Nissan titan SV 2X2 help!!

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I hope all is well! Got my 2015 Nissan titan about a month and I love it! Have an issue though if anyone can help out! Would be muh appreciated. Noticed that when ever I hit a speed bump or any bump at a hard enough my passenger side dash starts making a vibration noise. Sometimes loud sometimes quite. One thing is for sure is that it ALWAYS stops whenever I put it in park. Stops instantly. I’ve been driving more steady lately and the noise hasn’t been happing, but whenever I’m not paying attention and hit a bump fast enough it starts back up. Any suggestions? Like I mentioned, it always stops when I put it in park for some reason? Thank you!
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welcome!! maybe its the blower motor? maybe a bump knocks it just enough that its out of balance? can you stop in drive and hit the parking brake and feel around for it?
Hi, yeah possible, It doesn’t change much at all when I hit brake really. My girlfriend claims it gets a little louder when I speed up but not much from what I’ve noticed. There has been some occasions that it has just gone away when driving for certain amount of time even though I haven’t put it in park.
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