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2015 Pro-4x won't stay in Park. Rolls away!

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Drove to work today and when I went to park the shift lever would not go all the way into Park and the reverse camera stayed on. I fiddled with it and it felt like it went into Park but when I got out of the truck it started to roll forward (it was on a slight grade) and it was making a clicking sound. Fortunately there was no one else in the lot and I was able to get the door open and hop back in. Got it stopped but it would not start. Finally got it back into Park firmly and drove it around the parking lot a few times but each time I stopped I was unable to get it into Park again. Finally I ran through all the gears and it went into Park. That is how it sits now.

I bought this truck used a few months ago. Only 16k miles on it. Looks brand new. It is still under warranty (I think) so I know I need to take it to the dealer but wondering if anyone else has experience this or heard of it. No warning lights on.

As it is I consider this to be extremely dangerous because the level will go into the Park position and stay there but it is still not engaged fully.
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The best thing to do is get a loaner car and leave the titan with the dealer until they can duplicate the concern. Nissan does not allow techs to throw parts at a vehicle in hopes its fixes said concern because the customer said something is wrong. The dealer has to duplicate the concern if no recalls or service bulletins are present. If its an issue covered under warranty Nissan should pay for a rental. I would ask the dealer to contact TECH-LINE to see if they have seen any similar issues to help the tech get going in the right direction.
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