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2015 Pro-4x won't stay in Park. Rolls away!

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Drove to work today and when I went to park the shift lever would not go all the way into Park and the reverse camera stayed on. I fiddled with it and it felt like it went into Park but when I got out of the truck it started to roll forward (it was on a slight grade) and it was making a clicking sound. Fortunately there was no one else in the lot and I was able to get the door open and hop back in. Got it stopped but it would not start. Finally got it back into Park firmly and drove it around the parking lot a few times but each time I stopped I was unable to get it into Park again. Finally I ran through all the gears and it went into Park. That is how it sits now.

I bought this truck used a few months ago. Only 16k miles on it. Looks brand new. It is still under warranty (I think) so I know I need to take it to the dealer but wondering if anyone else has experience this or heard of it. No warning lights on.

As it is I consider this to be extremely dangerous because the level will go into the Park position and stay there but it is still not engaged fully.
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Maybe a broken parking pawl?
I'm going to take it back to the dealership one more time. If there are any more issues I'm going to sell it to a dealership or CarMax and get me a Ford. (Again, not a light decision for me. I've driven nothing but Nissans for 33 years other than my F150.)
2017 F-250's had a similar problem and there was a very aggressive recall - Ford would not allow dealers to sell any that were on the lot. I don't recall hearing about starting issues but they definitely could roll away. F-350's and F-250's with the 6.7L diesel did not have that problem because it was a different transmission. I'm loving my 2017 F-350, but I'm having a hard time letting go of my Titan.
In fact, I don't know anyone who does.
Now you do.

There is some speculation that the Titan parking brake shoes are known to delaminate and it seems to happen more often to the guys that DON'T use the parking brake.
Sounds like a pretty good theft prevention feature to me. :D Except for the rolling away part. :(

If they keep it long enough will you qualify for the lemon law?
The hard question is should I sell it as soon as I get it back or should I give it a while to see if the problem is actually solved. As of now they are 0 for 3. I'd prefer to sell it with a clear-ish conscience.

Maybe they'll give me a good deal on a new one but I have to say I think the new ones are butt ugly.
If they can come back with a definitive answer on what EXACTLY has failed then I see no reason to get rid of it. The problem is they just start throwing parts at it without actually testing the parts that were pulled out. So it can be hard to say which part was the problem.

I've read a couple threads on the lemon law process and it sounds like the dealer is on the hotseat if they can't fix it. The manufacturer has a tendency to get real pissed off at dealers that can't fix problems that lead to a lemon law buyback.

Yes, the newer ones aren't as good looking as the Gen I Titans.
The dealership has talked with Nissan who has recommended replacing the whole transmission which they are going to do this week. So two things seem clear to me: 1) they are throwing parts at the problem and 2) they don't know what the problem is. I sure am hoping this will do the trick.
If the problem is electronic and outside the transmission you just got a free transmission!

No offense to any Nissan mechanics on here, but don't you think the mechs working on "problem" vehicles like yours would utilize all resources like forums for guidance and ideas for things to check? I'm just saying, its all public on the net, some of these ideas "valve control assy" had been mentioned.
No, I would not expect that. The mechanics are busy, busy, busy. The service writer on the other hand might be looking stuff up outside the Nissan domain.
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