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2015 Pro-4x won't stay in Park. Rolls away!

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Drove to work today and when I went to park the shift lever would not go all the way into Park and the reverse camera stayed on. I fiddled with it and it felt like it went into Park but when I got out of the truck it started to roll forward (it was on a slight grade) and it was making a clicking sound. Fortunately there was no one else in the lot and I was able to get the door open and hop back in. Got it stopped but it would not start. Finally got it back into Park firmly and drove it around the parking lot a few times but each time I stopped I was unable to get it into Park again. Finally I ran through all the gears and it went into Park. That is how it sits now.

I bought this truck used a few months ago. Only 16k miles on it. Looks brand new. It is still under warranty (I think) so I know I need to take it to the dealer but wondering if anyone else has experience this or heard of it. No warning lights on.

As it is I consider this to be extremely dangerous because the level will go into the Park position and stay there but it is still not engaged fully.
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What transmission is in it, still a 5speed?

If so it easily could bewhat was posted above or it could be related to the manual valve and the PNP switch which is on the TCM/VB.

This is what tells the transmission if it is in either Park or Neutral allowing the engine to start along with what gear is selected for the TCM and so on.

This is a very crucial step for anyone who drops the valvebody or is even doing a rebuild on the bench as it has to be done in perfect order and is sort of an awkward angle to be able to see when seating the VB.

I will try to upload two photos from the ATSG manual so you can get an idea.

At any rate it isn't something I would be looking into if you are under warranty and it is that new. Hopefully you are able to get them to take care of it for you or put you in a new truck.
Hoping after your truck leaves the dealership you no longer have to deal with this problem.

The problem could definitely could be the switch that allows the shifter to move and set into the P position, could be something with the shifter cable (maybe ask them to inspect that) as I have seen plenty of vehicles come through w/ rusty shift cables usually on the transmission end. The shift cable and the way it is routed on my '05 I had a hard time getting it back on during my RI it was probably the most fickle one I've had to deal with, in my minor experience R&Ring them out of the vehicle.

I can not imagine how I would be feeling or how upset/irritating it would be to have to deal with that on a practically brand new tk is having this issue and that it is hard to duplicate and such it would be quite frustrating. Toss this thought around maybe if this round doesn't fix the problem for humor (probably not) ask one of their techs to take your truck and (get on the line with Nissan b/c it looks like they may cover a loaner) have him DD it to and from work and upon arrival at work to park it on the steepest grade towards their highest $$$ on the lot. See if they trust operating a vehicle that you cant be certain will engage P.

I would be using my E-brake until fix is found for ya.

Keep us updated!
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