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2015 Pro-4x won't stay in Park. Rolls away!

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Drove to work today and when I went to park the shift lever would not go all the way into Park and the reverse camera stayed on. I fiddled with it and it felt like it went into Park but when I got out of the truck it started to roll forward (it was on a slight grade) and it was making a clicking sound. Fortunately there was no one else in the lot and I was able to get the door open and hop back in. Got it stopped but it would not start. Finally got it back into Park firmly and drove it around the parking lot a few times but each time I stopped I was unable to get it into Park again. Finally I ran through all the gears and it went into Park. That is how it sits now.

I bought this truck used a few months ago. Only 16k miles on it. Looks brand new. It is still under warranty (I think) so I know I need to take it to the dealer but wondering if anyone else has experience this or heard of it. No warning lights on.

As it is I consider this to be extremely dangerous because the level will go into the Park position and stay there but it is still not engaged fully.
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I definitely wouldn't regret not getting the Ford. We have 6 of the newer f150's an holy **** they are the biggest pieces of sh1t I've ever drove. 4 of them have had the power steering go on them, 1 lit on fire on the way to the airport for some reason, either transfer case or front diff oil was spewing out of the vent tube an she went up in flames. Shifting problems, a few alternators, 1 rear diff, multiple door latches fu(ked among other issues I forget.
I can not believe how piss poor they are, an all under 24000 kilometres.

I've had a 2011 pro4x bought new an put 109000 hard hard kilometres before getting my 2015.
The only issue I had on the first one was some warranty work on my A/C.
So far my 15 has been great also other then 2 blown front axles that were entirely my fault an both fixed under warranty, lifted roughly 8"
I always record stuff that's hard to duplicate on command. Had to do that with my dealership, they are very good to deal with.
Hopefully you don't get a F-150 piece of sh1t. Good luck with it.
I can't believe you're having this much of an issue with your dealership.
I'm surprised they didn't tell him " Its operating as designed " and walked away!

My new dealership that I bought my 15' from doesn't question me on anything.
Can't believe it took until post 20 for someone to mention using the parking brake...

Didn't want to be captain obvious
Now you do.

There is some speculation that the Titan parking brake shoes are known to delaminate and it seems to happen more often to the guys that DON'T use the parking brake.

I only use mine when i have to, because both my 2011 an my now 2015 after using it drags at very slow speeds and the sounds pisses me off. This is its intermittent an will not happen every time, but if I haven't used it in months I don't get the noise.
Kudos to anyone who does use their parking brake regularly, but in the modern world of automatics it is hardly necessary. Until now I've never had an issue with any automatic and I've driven some real garbage.

Anyway, the saga continues.

Wife took it back this morning and asked for a loaner. They say they no longer provide loaners!!! They ask to wait and that they will 'adjust it' while she waits. 45 minutes later they give it back to her and she goes to the grocery, pulls into the parking lot, puts it in Park and removes they key and it starts rolling again. Of course this time it did not surprise her. She took it right back to them and they said they would handle it and gave her a Sentra. Nice touch, but I need to haul a load of lumber this weekend and tow my 5000# tractor about 25 miles and back. The Sentra isn't going to handle that.

My uncles best friend owns an transmission shop, his advice to me was to use e-brake on any incline. Said it's hard on the parking pin, I generally only use it on fairly steep areas. Dunno
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