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2015 Pro 4x4 Skid Plate Help

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Good Morning everyone...

I have a 2015 SV 4x4 and wanted to know what skid plates I dont have, that the Pro 4x4 DOES have and if I can just bolt on whatever I am missing?

I have done some net searching and have not really found any real certain answers. If anyone has part numbers as well would be much appreciated so I can order whatever plate I dont have on my 4x4.

Thanks so much for your time...

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Only thing different is the front one on the SV is called a "splash guard", the Pro4x is an actual skid plate. Everything you need to replace your splash guard with a Pro4x skid plate is here...
I actually bought that thing you showed a link too. I ended up returning it. If that is the only difference then I will leave my alone.

The "Splash Guard" is a pretty decent thick metal plate already, I just wondered if there were additional plates somewhere that my SV 4x4 doesn't have.

Thanks for your reply much appreciated..

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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