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2015 sl big tow but no footwell/courtesy light or glove box light

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So i've had my 2015 2wd sl fully loaded titan for a couple of months now and i noticed that it didnt come with the footwell/courtesy lights that my last titan had. My last truck was a 2007 le. So i looked under the dash and found a plug by the obd2 port but it only has one wire which is blue with a white stripe and the truck has a place for a light socket like my last truck. What im missing is just the part that holds the bulb and wiring which i found at oreilly's. Can someone share what color wires there have going to those lights so i can look for them and tap into them? when are these lights suppose to come, i remember they came on then the doors opened but dont remember when they turned off.

Here is whats under the dash on my drivers side where the light socket is suppose to be

And here is the plug with the one wire which is blue with a white stripe

Heres the space under the passenger side dash but theres no plug here

Also where is the glove box light suppose to be i dont have that either??

And theres not lights under my door panels either

Heres the parts i got from oreilly's.
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Anyone that can help me out with the wire colors that i need? i think they'll be the same from 2013 and up
I'm 99% sure that plug by the OBD is the reset for the tire pressure monitoring. Sorry.
Well does anyone know what wires go to their foot well lights so i can see if my trucks harness has them and tap into them, like what colors they would be, pictures would be very much appreciated. Also could someone take a picture of their glove box light and if they can also the wiring for that
Best way to get correct info is to join the NicoClub forum and go to their Service Manual Section. Nissan Titan Factory Service Manuals The Service Manual index is set up by year and model. You can then access the factory data for your specific vehicle. Section M of the manual covers electrical functions and wiring. It's a bit tedious to find the wire colors, but they are there, listed with fuse block connector numbers, by function.

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