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2015 sv traction bars

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I've been looking for traction bars for my 2015. Rough country says there's won't fit. Procomp doesn't seem to make one for this year either. Should I break down and use a universal set that just bolts to the leaf? I saw a thread of people using helper springs set forward to stop axel wrap. I really only noticed it for the first time coming out of a corner last night hit the gas traction control came on and a small thunk as it grabbed. I just got some Billy's for the back will that help? I don't really want to do the helper spring thing as it reported to drop the back and I am looking to put a 1" block in the back seems it would be counter intuitive. I also would like not to spend a crazy amount of money. Fabtech I think it was had a set for like $800 which was a little more than I would like to spend.
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As far as I'm aware nothing has changed on the frames of our trucks. RC bars should fit, they may just not have tested/approved them on a 2015 yet so they won't claim that they fit. May be wrong though.
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