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2015 Titan GPS update

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My Titan has a OEM GPS that runs by a SD card. They want $99 for an upgrade. My question is I can get this upgrade from Garmin on the SD card for $39.00. Will their maps/format work in my system?
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I had a problem with my 2015 Titan (bought slightly used). It came with no SD card at all.

I bought one (a 2013 as I recall) off eBay and it works fine.

You can get a (not the latest) SD car from eBay for about $40.

But even the best the Nissan GPS maps suck big time in comparison to Garmin and even the cell phone GPS maps apps.

There is a thread some where here about how sorry and how overpriced it is.

And, no, the word is that the SD card is unique (proprietary) to Nissan made by some 3rd party company---and that home duplicated copies do not work.
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