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2015 Titan Interior Question

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Hello Fellow Titan Lovers....

I am curious about these wires under the drivers seat. Is this Normal? Or am I missing something that should be hiding these? Just seems my kids like to play with these wires with their feet (not little kids hehe) just seems kinds well, silly to just have wires like this isn't it?


Thanks For your time everyone...

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Subwoofer, seat heat or adjustment, maybe side airbag? Search wiring schematics to see what color those wires match.
Whatever they do you may want to see if you can shift them over to the opening left of the heat duct and secure them so they aren't underfoot. Could be an expensive fix if they are dislodged.
Take it to the dealer, should still be under warranty and ask them to "repair the defect"
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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