Up for sale is a lightly used android radio with a 13” screen in original packaging and with all of the necessary wiring adapters for a plug and play application. It’s the newest model by phoenix automotive and can be seen in the link below. This is the version with 6 gigs of ram and 128 gigs rom (the highest version offered).

I installed this a few months ago and there are many benefits, but full disclosure, I removed it due to a few functionality issues that I personally have with it. Below is an assessment of my pros/cons:

  • Obviously, the screen is massive. Full screen maps are fantastic.
  • Fit and finish is good. Fits perfectly with no weird gaps and honestly looks like it could have come straight from the factory.
  • All oem functions work. My truck is a fully loaded 2018 pro4x, so I have the heated steering wheel, heated/cooled seats, nav, auto a/c, etc. and everything worked.
  • There are several hard buttons, which I appreciate. I don’t like having to go into the screen for simple functions.
  • Full suite of apps available just like a phone or a tablet. No issues running video while parked or driving.

  • The GPS antenna plug didn’t match up with the oem GPS antenna. I was going to research an adapter, but I just decided to use the antenna that they supplied. I did have a few gps issues and when I uninstalled it, I noticed the plug had come loose (it’s a threaded plug that screws in), so just make sure that’s tight before pushing everything into the dash.
  • I have an iPhone, and the integration with it just isn’t great. I guess that should be expected. I don’t like Apple CarPlay so I never tried to use that, but basically the only way I could play music was via Bluetooth.
  • The Home Screen isn’t great….it displays the speedo and tach (pointless), a stock photo of a Titan (pointless) and a small area for the music player. However, since I have an iPhone, nothing could ever display there….Bluetooth music didn’t show up in that area, only the android music player and I guess the radio which I never listen to.
  • This is a personal issue I have with android, but I think the interface is just clunky and not streamlined.
  • some of the buttons at the top of the screen show up very small. Hard to hit them while moving.
  • The 360 degree cameras show up a bit stretched. I was hoping the larger screen would help visibility on the cameras but it’s a little strange since it’s distorted.

With all that being said, I removed it and put it back to stock. I know a lot of people wouldn’t have many issues with it, but I just like the functionality of the oem system more. Feel free to reach out with any questions and I’ll try to answer them.