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2016 without wheel lock key!

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I took delivery of my new 2016 XD diesel in late may 2016. Rode all this time and recently found a roofing nail in my tire so I went to Sams to get it repaired ( free for members - can't beat that) and searched bumper to bumper and realized I had never been given the wheel lock key!

I thought this was unusual but went online and it looks like it is a 50/50 shot of having one.
Called my dealer today and bringing it by there to try and identify which set I have so I can get a key.
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Nope and no idea where it was in mine. I went to get my tires balanced on mine and we couldn't find the wheel lock, so made a trip to the Nissan dealer and had them remove the locks and replace them with standard lug nuts. Next time I take my truck in to get wheels balance they find the key and then realize they don't need it. Didn't think to ask where they found it since we searched everywhere for it the first time.
You know, I don't think I got one either. I just assumed it was in the glove compartment. It's not. Hmm
All Nissan Dealers should have the Master Key.... but Yeah they should come with Keys along with your Spare Normal Lug Nut.
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