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Well, in the past 3 weeks, I have had 3 issues with my transmission. The first problem was in my driveway and I put my truck in reverse, hit the gas, and went driveway is an uphill slant, so I know it wasn't in neutral. Put it in park, tried it again, and same result. Park again to drive and it acted as it should. Went back to park, back to reverse and it rolled back like neutral. Final time, went to park, went to reverse and it finally worked correctly.

Second time it only happened twice and I was in a flat parking lot. I went to put the truck in drive and it stayed as it was in neutral. Go to park, go to reverse (at a gas pump and free to go either direction), it worked fine.

Today, I get into my truck after receiving an email from Nissan Connect telling me my truck is detecting "Emission Control Malfunction" for some reason. Sure enough, I get in and my 'Malfunction Light' is on along with my "slip indicator light". I put my truck into drive and it sat at about 500rpm with a strange tick. I turned my truck off and back on. Went into drive and didn't move. Truck off and on again, into drive and away I went.

Currently still showing the "Malfunction Light" but the "slip indicator light" is no longer on. So, I have an appointment to drop my truck off to review this item and another. My camera issue happens 2-3 times a week and has been in the shop once before on this same issue. The cameras (not all at once) will show blacked out or X's.


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