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Let me get right into it. I have been researching the forum high and low - as well as - the internet and local 4WD shops here in DFW. Before install, I want to get an idea for any oversights in my plans if any.

The goal is to create a 8.5 front and 6.5 rear Titan 2WD custom lift package using a mixture of parts. So far it looks like I have it covered...... Before anyone says it can't be done, or is being done wrong - please read entirely.

2019 Titan SV crew cab 2WD. My baby!!!!
MaxTrac 6.5 lift kit. (To build from)
Supreme suspension 3.5 front leveling puck.
BDS upper Arm for 4" lifts
(2) ea .5" leveling puck shim plates.
(2) ea rear shock mount extenders
1 custom fabed 5.5 rear block kit
1 supreme suspension 1" rear flat block

So the plan is to use the 4" lift spindles from the MaxTrac kit. The brake lines. The carrier bearing kit. The shocks. The hardware and clips.
Tossing out the kits 4" rear blocks, u bolts and front 2.5 strut pucks.
I will use the 3.5" Supreme pucks and add the 2 per side - .5" shims for a total of 4.5" strut lift. Mate this with the 4" spindles and bingo.... we have 8.5" up front - so to speak.
Yes, I know - never stack pucks!!! Technically, I am merely shimming the strut with 1 shim and adding the 3.5 puck and then shimming on top of the puck. I am using the BDS 4" lift arms for the 4.5" worth of strut lift.
Now I am concerned about sway bar ends. I might need to add some extended bar end links - but wanted feedback from others who installed the 6.5 kits. I see almost nobody posting about them on 4 and 6 inch front kits.

For the rear - it's simple. I am going to take the 1" block and 5.5" block and weld them for a 6.5" block. This coupled with the 2 sets of shock extenders for the MaxTrac shocks and the carrier bearing mod - I am within Nissan tolerances. Again, should I change rear bar end links? I didn't see them required with any of the kits or other parts ordered.

Wheels are going to be moto Links 18x10 with 33x12.5x18 ko2 meats. That's until she settles. Then I will look at 20 x 14 or 22 x 14 with some 35 x 12.5 x ??? finally.

I will post photos after site doesnt blast me as a noob....

I had the factory wheels powder coated black and mounted a 2.5 level and smallish ko2 tires. Wasn't happy. So I took those tires back, ordered the mo977 links and got the 33x12.5x18 done. Had the factory grabbers put back on factory wheels and rolling this way until lift is done.

Obviously I am customizing the lift parts.... lol....

Any input about what I forgot to buy - if anything - is greatly appreciated. But I think I am covered except maybe on the swaybar front?????

I've also been thinking about adding the 500.00 rear links I saw for the 6" lift kits....

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