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2021 Titan - Broken Wire

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I recently bought a 2021 Titan Pro4x and it's been great so far. However, as I was walking to the truck this afternoon I saw something hanging near the rear passenger tire. Upon further investigation it appears to be broken braided cable that contains three small wires (green, red/green, black). I can't see where it broke at or where it goes to.

There are no caution lights on the dash and the rear camera is working.

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Looks aftermarket to me. View attachment 568536
100% agreed. Get under the truck and follow any wiring you can… most likely previous owner had some lights or accessories they removed when they sold it.
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I'ma pig pile on the aftermarket appearance. You can also see if there's a connection to the battery. May even have an inline fuse.

Welcome. We like a mystery.
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I believe its from a sport bar. My truck had one when I bought it and that harness looks familiar especially since its coming form the rear passenger wheel. If you follow it underneath the truck, it should connect into the rear tails by the hitch. If I remember correctly when I removed mine.
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yup, there is a connection right past that where the sport bar plugs in. it could be that, as noted above. i think mine looked similar to that wire when i installed it
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