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I'm pretty sure my last Titan had 4 under rail bed lamps. I'm not talking about the two that glare in your eyes just next to the tail gate. I think there were two on each side under the utli-tracks.

This new titan comes with titan boxes. Each box has two cut-outs for the lights to shine into the boxes.

When unlocking the vehicle, opening a door, or turning on the cargo lamp switch, I only see the two lights closest to the bulkhead light up.
I can't figure out if there are two other lights where the cut-outs on the titan boxes are or if that's just a clear cover on the titan boxes.

I found a photo of a 2021 without the boxes and that photo suggests there are only two under-rail lights.

Is this the case? Has Nissan reduced the number of lights in the bed? Or, is there a fuse out on mine to fix the other two lights?


After posting the above. I found another photo. that shows all 4 lights. Maybe the Platinum Reserve only has 2?



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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