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20in. wheels tires off of a 08 LE w/100mi. on them

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100mi. on a set of the stock 20in wheels and oversized tires off of a 2008 titan LE make an offer can pick up or meet half way if you live in washington otherwise u pay shipping
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Price And photos will help
Washington? Which one? Washington DC, Washington State, or Washington Pa?
Where in washington? I'm in Kelso.
i'm in belfair wa will take photos tonight
ok shipping should be +/- $500 anywhere in the usa whatever shipping is will be what you pay that gives you an idea just waiting for some offers. i will take some pics soon if you live in the central or west coast shipping will be lots cheaper
bump no ones even made an offer
He's in WA. Since when does that mean D.C.?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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