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22" Centerline Ultra Archers F/S with Falken STZ04s

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Hi Titan guys, I come from the Chevy world bearing gifts! Alright well not really, but kind of. I figure since some of our guys use your stock 18" wheels on their trucks you guys might be interested in these.

Here is the link to the craiglist link: ok scratch that I can't post any URLs so I'll just copy and paste the info from the link:

I am selling a set of 22 inch Centerline Ultra Archer wheels. They come with Falken STZ04s mounted on them which are 285/40/22 and maintain the same overall diameter for the stock tires (245/70/17)

These were mounted on my 2007 Silverado. They are six lug and fit 1999-2008 Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Sierra, Silverado, Avalanche and ALSO Nissan Titans. I believe the Nissan Armada MAY have the same lug pattern as well.

I had these wheels installed on August 14th and had them taken off on October 23rd. They were mounted for 3800 miles and the wheels have absolutely no curb rash and the tires have never been punctured. I still have the original receipt from when I purchased them ($2,500 for wheels/tires).

These are polished wheels and they are 1 piece FORGED, they are not heavy cast wheels that will decrease your braking capabilities and hurt your gas mileage.

I will also sell the tires separately if I have a buyer who only wants the wheels.

Asking $1,800 OBO
edit: Forgot, I live in the Bay Area in Northern California

I have pics but I can't post, if you'd like to see pics just PM me and I'll send you a link.
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