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22" Escalade rims on Titan/Armada??

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Has anyone seen any Armada's or Titan's running the stock Escalade 22's?? Bolt pattern is the same so I thought it might be an option.
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It probably wont work. Most GM trucks and SUV's have a smaller hub than we do.
I did a little research and it looks like we have the same hub size. The toyota's are the ones with the larger hub size (108mm). We are supposed to be around 88mm.
Are you sure about that one? My father bought my old 18" OEM wheels from my first Titan from me. The hubs were different. The Titan wheels had a larger hub than the Chevy wheels did. I also checked it out when I was at my tire guy's place. He had a 16.5 wheel off a chevy lying around that I wanted to test fit on my truck. The hub opening on the chevy wheel did not fit opver the hub on my titan.
With chebby wheels, its actually a hit or miss. I called a couple of my suppliers and thats what they said. But, 99% of the time wheels for anything GM wouldn't fit our bore.
I have seen an Armada with 20" Escalade wheels off a 2005 truck. Just not sure if there were changes for the 22's
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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