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22"rims and tires purchase today

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:D getting some rims and tires and my alarm system with keyless entry also adding powerlocks;drop it off tonight can't wait to see it tomorrow nice rims to; next I'm going to add some fog lights also I'm trying to find the spyder man grill;try to get in touch with dunder23 but no guys please let me know if you find somebody else that have the spyderman grill.peace
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seriously, dont keep us waiting. get some good light and take some shots!!!
What kind of rims did you get? Post some pic's when you get it back. My BZO "Famous" 22's will be here friday but will have to wait until next Wednesday to put them on when I get my truck out of the body shop (my wife decided to run down a brick mailbox - $2500 worth of damage - and yes, we are still married). I'll post pic's next week
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