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22" wheels and tires

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How much would you guys pay for this wheels and tires, one of my neightbors is selling them i dont know how much to offer what you guys think, theres about 3/4 of thread left in the tires.
how much would you guys offer?


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you could always throw them on Craig's List if you really don't want them after all. If you get them for $500 that is. But if he is your neighbor, it might be better not to low ball him that hard. With minimal curb rash on the wheels and good tread, you could go anywhere from $800-$1200 I would think. I bought my Gear Alloys with tire combo for $1900 new. Like JLG said, it really depends on the wheel and tire companies. Research the companies online and find out what it would cost you to get the same wheels brand new, then you can decide what you would be happy spending on them. Also MAKE SURE THEY FIT YOUR TRUCK!!!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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