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23 inch rims

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Does any know who makes A/T tires for a 23" rims thats reasonable priced.. I dont want to waist money on low pro's that i cant even use in the snow or mud..outdoors guy here.
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Going to be tough to find. I am curious as to why you went with 23" rims if you knew you would need all terrain/mud/snow tires? You have really cut your options down on the tire you are looking for.
24's are much cheaper... the tire companys are slowing production on 23's cause its an odd ball size
Outdoor guy?
Then don't go bigger then 18", plenty of good tire choices, and best of disco look!
Don't think anyone does, they make em for 22s and 24s but I've never seen any for 23s.
23's?? why didnt you get 22's, why not 24's? lol why u gotta be the odd one out. j/k lol
I've checked with some of the places I get tires. They're actually stopping the production of the '23 in. tire sizes. Your best bet would be to invest in a new set of wheels.
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