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24's and the snow???

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i am going snowboarding the day after christmas and i am taking the titan.. was wondering if the 24's and the snow are not a good idea. damaging them or just plain drive ability? i have always put the stock wheels and tires on for the snow before but im kinda lazy and dont really want to do all that work! ha ha
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roy365 said:
Put the stock ones on if you are not certain of conditions. It can happen too fast and too easy in snow. One lil whatever and you can curb your rims/wheels. My advice is keep the pimpin real when you get back.

yea thanks for the advice. every time I go up the mountain and go through all the work of swithcing wheels there is never any snow on the ground! I am going to big bear CA and have never been there so I dont know if there is gonna be crazy snow on the roads or what..
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