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First off is the tachometer reflecting in the drivers side window at night. On the dark highway it's impossible to see in the drivers side mirror, all I see is the tach. No amount of dimming the cluster other than shutting it off completely helps.
Pre-2008 and the gauge cluster reflects in the back window. In all honesty in was annoying at first and now I don't even notice it anymore. I bet the same happens to you. At minimum you should still be able to see headlights in the mirror if you need to switch lanes.

Next is the factory mud flaps. They aren't even as wide as the tires are so they don't protect the vehicle anywhere near as well as they should. Who designed that part of the truck???
They are junk. They should have been made of a flexible material not rigid. Snow sticks to them in the winter and piles up. Eventually they start falling off from the weight of the snow and the highway salt eats away the double side tape they are attached with. I ripped all of mine off, scraped the leftover tape off and had the whole bottom below the door moulding redone and repainted with the rubberized rock chip protectant stuff.

Third is the short tailpipe. Anyone that lives in the north knows that the rear bumper will rust quickly when the exhaust fog piles up on the bumper. If the tailpipe was three inches longer it would clear the bumper.
This isn't a problem. My Titan is 6 years old. I still have the original exhaust system on and my bumper is not rusting.

I'm going to get some more mileage on it before I decide if the way it shifts is "normal" or not. It seems to be hesitating and skip shifting from time to time.
Bring it to the dealer and have the problem documented in case you have future issues.
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