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So far I'm really impressed with the truck but I have a couple of things that kind of upset me. Title should have stated it's a 2011.

First off is the tachometer reflecting in the drivers side window at night. On the dark highway it's impossible to see in the drivers side mirror, all I see is the tach. No amount of dimming the cluster other than shutting it off completely helps.
That's interesting! I have the older pre- '08 style cluster and don't have that problem. Do you have big tow or the standard mirrors?

Next is the factory mud flaps. They aren't even as wide as the tires are so they don't protect the vehicle anywhere near as well as they should. Who designed that part of the truck???
Even if the mud flaps were larger, you wouldn't get 100% protection because the wheels stick out from the body sides a little bit on these trucks. I think the only way to completely eliminate the problem is to get aftermarket fender flares and then modify aftermarket mud flaps to work with them. Or, you can try fabbing up some little "extenders" that attach to the bottom of the stock mud flaps. That might work. I thought about doing that to mine until I figured out that I would probably need fender flares as well for complete protection.

Third is the short tailpipe. Anyone that lives in the north knows that the rear bumper will rust quickly when the exhaust fog piles up on the bumper. If the tailpipe was three inches longer it would clear the bumper.
I'd cut the ugly stock tip off and weld a nice custom tip on the end so it exits in front of the rear bumper on the right side. That's what I did and it looks so much better.

I'm going to get some more mileage on it before I decide if the way it shifts is "normal" or not. It seems to be hesitating and skip shifting from time to time.
That seems to be a problem many here have with the newer Titan's. On my '05, it always shifts smooth and I get absolutely no hesitation at all. However, you might want to check out the posts by VK56DEHAN. He's had several issues with shifting, low idle vibration and bogging. I do know that Nissan revised the torque convertor lock-up strategy on the 2010 Titan so perhaps that has something to do with the weird shifting issues many are experiencing.
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