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275/65/18 Buckshot Maxxis Mudders...F/S

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I've got a set of Buckshots for sale. 275/65/18 is the size which is about 32" to 33" tall. I just took these off my Titan when I lifted it. They have about 10,000 miles on them. There is still a lot of thread left. I'm going to try and get pictures of them tomorrow. $350.

I thought I had these sold, but the guy backed out on me. They are also for sale on another website and here local so on this sale first one with the cash gets them. I'm trying to sell a few things to get some money for a front diff, since mine is broke.

Thanks for looking.
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Do you have any pictures you can post or email?
It was raining all day yesturday. But I will get the pictures today.

I never got the chance to get the pictures today. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow.
would like pictures. very interested. will you ship?
Sorry it took me so long to get the pictures up. I'm been covered up at work.


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those things have a ton of tread left.
$350 OBO?!? That's a terrific deal for those seeing as how much tread is left! I wish I was local to you. They'd be mine! Good luck.:bump:
Thanks guys. They may have less than 10,000 miles on them.

Need to sell!!!
Scott. said:
Thanks guys. They may have less than 10,000 miles on them.

Need to sell!!!
Do you still have these???? would you take $300 cash for them not trying to lowball you out of 50 bucks or nothing just wondering??? i am waiting on my income tax check to come in probably next week and i'll get them from you, i am actualy bout a couple hours from you, i live in Tyler,Tx... holla back at me.... at [email protected]....
Back up top.
Back up top.
I've had a couple offers but haven't sold them yet.
When I try to send you a PM it your picture pulls up another Scott from Florida. Some kind of glitch. Anyways I am interested in the tires for the price you want. Give me a call at 256-990-9408.

Any reasonable offer will be considered. Pick up or meet only. Cost to much to ship.
How much is shipping I might be willing to pay it if your willing to ship to 89103. I definitely want the tires if shipping is not too much.
I went to UPS yesturday and they said it would be $200 to ship them. And to me it's not worth it. If you had that to the price then it's to close to the cost of a new set.
if they were only 17's I'd be all over them for $350
Yeah I guess no one has 18" wheels! I thought these would sell easy. Guess I was wrong.
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