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285/65r/18 bfg's

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Ok, I have read threw some of these threads, right now the se crew 05 I have is stock with the garbage sr-a good years on. the size is 265/70/18. I have seen that some people say that an alternative is a k/o AT bfg 285/65/18.

I have one question.

1. One no rubbing on stock suspension. no leveling kit. only suspension mod is rear air bags. yes they rub or no your fine.

****Please do not answer, look at this tire or width not recommended by manufacturer, or other not relevant comments. I wanted to be clear because a lot of the other threads seem to go off on these tangents and not really answer the original question. Thanks for any help here.
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If you go to this website you can see the dimensions of the tires and compare them side by side. They are almost the exact same size except the 285's are about .8" wider.
The website is look under the tech section for the tire size calculator.
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