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285-70-17 Terra Grapplers - Used - Philly area

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Just took these off to put on my 315s, and they have served me very well. The rears probably have between 5-10k miles left in them. The fronts had considerably more. One of the two fronts was replaced about 2 years and 15k miles ago after the sidewall tore from me hitting a curb.

I am located in the Philly Area and really don't want these collecting space in my garage, I'm just gauging if their is any interest before I throw them on Craigslist.

Pics and tread measurement forthcoming

I need to double check as I think these are actually 295-70-17 - this isn't really a big deal but figured it worth mentioning
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I have about 8-10 pics now that I'd much rather email than upload if you are interested PM me
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