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Just got my '18 KC Titan P4X. Loving every minute of it so far! Its a pleasure to drive!

I am pretty happy with the interior - doesn't feel cheap to me... except when I grab that gear shifter on the column. Its pretty wobbly and feels like cheap/hollow plastic. I would love to yank the stock handle off and replace it with something different (carbon fibre or titanium) and I am considering relocating the Tow/Haul switch and the +/- switch to the two switch blanks down by the diff lock switches.

Searched around a bit, doesn't seem like anyone else has done this. I'll play around with it in the next few weeks, and tear into the steering column. I'm hoping its just a couple of wires I can hook up to different switches. :)

Will post pics and final result!! Please speak up if you know or have heard anyone else attempt this!
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