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2nd muffler that blows...

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Swapped out the glasspack (never meant to be permanent anyway) for a Flowtech Afterburner. At idle inside the truck, as quiet as stock. Above 2000 rpm, sounds great. At 55-60 MPH, in 5th, resontates like a bastard, worse than the glass pack if that is possible. I may try to get some audio outside the truck today and try to upload it later. I'm thinking maybe a Moroso spiral flow infront of the muffler, or a Dynomax bullet, will help diffuse enough sound to make it livable. That or a different tip cut to move the exhaust pulses out from under the bed. Hmmm, that might work.
I'll just need to make a zip folder for a .wav or .mp3 file, right?
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CI338 said:
Here is a zip of the startup and a few revs of my Titan. They are .wav files encoded in mpeg3- all I know is that they work in Media player. I've added a resonated tip (3.5 inch, barely looks out of place) and actually, other than the nasty resonation of the exhaust around 55mph (starts right at 1500 RPM, to 1800 RPM, under a load) this exhaust sounds quieter that factory till you stand on it. Once past 1800, she quiets right down and sounds wicked outside. Been raining here on and off all day, so no g-tech runs, supposed to snow next few days. I may get some in cab sounds just so you can hear it. If is doesn't rain, I'll have driveby sounds, too.
thanks man for your time it really helps people out. that muffler sounds mean :gunz:
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