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2nd muffler that blows...

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Swapped out the glasspack (never meant to be permanent anyway) for a Flowtech Afterburner. At idle inside the truck, as quiet as stock. Above 2000 rpm, sounds great. At 55-60 MPH, in 5th, resontates like a bastard, worse than the glass pack if that is possible. I may try to get some audio outside the truck today and try to upload it later. I'm thinking maybe a Moroso spiral flow infront of the muffler, or a Dynomax bullet, will help diffuse enough sound to make it livable. That or a different tip cut to move the exhaust pulses out from under the bed. Hmmm, that might work.
I'll just need to make a zip folder for a .wav or .mp3 file, right?
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I can see where your trying to go with this. The Toyota Tundra dual exhuast does sound good and it would be nice to see that type of exhuast offered to us. Your audio clips are very clear and I do like the sound. If I had that exhuast I sure I would burn more gas (mostly in my driveway anoying the neighbors). What did you use to capture the sound?
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