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2nd muffler that blows...

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Swapped out the glasspack (never meant to be permanent anyway) for a Flowtech Afterburner. At idle inside the truck, as quiet as stock. Above 2000 rpm, sounds great. At 55-60 MPH, in 5th, resontates like a bastard, worse than the glass pack if that is possible. I may try to get some audio outside the truck today and try to upload it later. I'm thinking maybe a Moroso spiral flow infront of the muffler, or a Dynomax bullet, will help diffuse enough sound to make it livable. That or a different tip cut to move the exhaust pulses out from under the bed. Hmmm, that might work.
I'll just need to make a zip folder for a .wav or .mp3 file, right?
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I run dual flowtech terminators... Excellent sound and no drone - however this is on my 86 K20 4x4... On the 77 olds cutlass it has massive drone at 45mph.

I might just throw one onto the Armada and see, but I am thinking just going with the 3" banks setup.

How does the afterburner sound and did you see a difference in performance from the glasspack to the afterburner?

Thanks for playing around with various mufflers, it helps others!
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