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I just installed the PRG 2" leveling kit on my 04 KC 4x4. I love the look and how it sits, but now I want to go bigger with the tires. I currently have Cooper XEON LTZ 286/60's on a HELO BLACK MAXX 18x9 (18mm offset) wheels. Now I want to go with a bigger tire to fill in some of the gap between the tires and the fender wells. I'm new to this forum, and I'm sure this has been discussed numerous times, but I just want to know if anyone else is running a 305/60 x 18, and do you have any issues with tire rub and possibly any pics.

Also, if anyone is living in the Miami, FL and looking for a set of 285/60's (which are practically brand new), I will be putting them on Craigslist soon, once I decide on a new tire.

Once I figure out how, I'll post some pics.

Thanks for everyones help.
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