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305/65/18 A/T...Falken Wild Peak or BFG KO?

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Looking at the 305/65/18 all terrain and it seems these are the only two tires in that size. The BFGs will cost over $200 more for all 4, but is it worth the extra money over the Falkens? Mostly used for a mix of highway and city driving with the occasional trail mixed in. Basically just looking for reviews from first hand experiences from owners of these brands in this size. Thanks
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I'm running Wild Peak AT's on one of my vehicles (325/70R17). I have been very pleased with this tire. I have had them for about 7K so far and they still look great. I do a fair amount of off-road trails and I daily drive them as well. They've seen a few trails in Moab, in Arizona desert and in So-Cal. They've also took me through a fair amount of snow this last winter.
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