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305/65r18 BFG AT KO comments please

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just wanted some opinions on how they feel before I splurge into buying them.

also some pics and info on rubbing is appreciated. btw, i have a leveling kit and have done the pinch weld mod.
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I have had this tire on other vehicles and was never disapointed. They are very quiet concidering the tread design and I always found the ride acceptable. They are a little harsher than a normal LT tire, but they are made for business. They are worth every penny and you won't regret your purchase. I am not sure on the size for your truck and rubbing issues but someone will chime in shortly I am sure.
albonismo said:
just wanted some opinions on how they feel before I splurge into buying them.

also some pics and info on rubbing is appreciated. btw, i have a leveling kit and have done the pinch weld mod.
Those should fit fine even w/o the pinch-weld-mod on stock 18x8, but BFG recommends an 8.5" rim minimum ... of course lots of members run 325s on the stock 18x8" rims. :) idk

I've been very, very, happy with my KOs but they have gotten very slick in their last 10K miles of tread life, (in the rain), so I'm going to try the Toyo AT.
Found a funny size 285/75/17 which is slightly wider than my 285/70/17 BFG KOs, but an inch taller, and recommended for my stock 17x7.5" rims. These are E-rated 3-plys with 3970 lbs. load capacity at 80 psi!

So also consider the Toyo A/T with some interesting sizes, with these three 18s recommended for your OEM rims.
Toyo A/Ts, I think the best fit for stock 18s are these. All are E-rated light truck tires, (LT), [be careful on the Toyo A/T, because they also sell P-rated passenger tires]:

1) A narrow, 35" 3-ply sidewall, with over 4000 pound capacity if aired up to 80psi. Note: due to the large diameter, this first size may cause issues with your Titan's torque converter not locking up correctly, and causing improper shift points, especially when towing:

Tire Size, speed and load Part# Rim Range Wt Tread dia. Width Cap MaxPSI
LT285/75R18 129S E/10 300420 7.5-8.0-9.0 66 17 34.8 11.3 4080 80 2S+3P+2N 3P (35X11.5R18)

2) Probably the best fit, is this 33" with a 2-ply sidewall, and over 3600 lbs. capacity at 80 psi
LT275/70R18 125S E/10 300620 7.0-8.0-8.5 55 16 33.1 11.0 3640 80 2P+2S+2N 2P (33X11.0R18)

3) Another 2-ply sidewall, but E-rated, and also with over 3600 lbs. load capacity. Since this one's only 32.5" diameter, your Titan's overall gearing will be a little lower, which might be helpful when towing, (especially helpful if you don't have a Big Tow package).
LT285/65R18 125S E/10 300630 8.0-8.5-10.0 57 17 32.5 11.4 3640 80 2P+2S+2N 2P (33X11.5R18)
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thanks for the input guys
i have them and love them. i also have a leveling kit but my tires rub when you go all the way over. i trimed the mudflaps and that helped out alot but i still get a lil rub when i turn all the way left or right.

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From What I have heard people love them, BFG has been making them for a log time so that has to say something for them, why change a good thing? i guess. is haveing a $50.00 OFF special tomorrow if you are looking to save some money, I read on another forum I am on that they are offering it to forum members early and to call them today if you want first crack at the inventory. Not sure if they will honor it for TT but I don't see why they wouldn't.

Let us know what you think when you get them
i actually know the manager at a local discount tire here, not gonna say who, and he always hooks me and his friends up with unbelievable discounts so im always gonna get better pricing. thanks for the tip tho.
Here's my 2005 CC these tires. They are great off road here in Utah (Desert and Dunes) and they are smooth down the freeway as well...Keep the tires pressures up and rotate every 5000-6000 miles and they will last a long last set on my K5 blazer went 60k!!!!:gunz:


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