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Hey i have a 2011 pro4x with 5100s on top purch with prg upper control arms and 1 inch block in rear.

Wana buy 325/65r18 wrangler duratracs just dont know if they will fit i have aftermarket rims dont know there offset. I have 305/65r18 kos on there now and there looks like there is enough room.


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What do i need to trim and what if i take out the fender liner? I turned the wheel and it has about a inch of from i can get my finger inbetween the fender liner and the tire.
Damnn it nvm to much hassel for looks. Another question anybody use the new ko2s in snow and mud trying to get a good review from someone who dos moderate offroading. The ko1 suck *** in the snow havnt tried them in mud yet. If anyone has pics of 305s or 315s that would be awsome.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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