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Hey i have a 2011 pro4x with 5100s on top purch with prg upper control arms and 1 inch block in rear.

Wana buy 325/65r18 wrangler duratracs just dont know if they will fit i have aftermarket rims dont know there offset. I have 305/65r18 kos on there now and there looks like there is enough room.


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turn the steering wheel about 3/4 and see where the tire wants to rub at the fender/PWM area. If you have more then 2" of space you'd probably be fine. But i bet you'll rub a decent amount.
x2 on the rubbing the frame comment. Not a big deal, its like a steering stop lol.

You would think that with this much space I should have plenty of clearance right? Nope! Still rubbed so I had to go back in and trim some more. Looking at yours I'm sure you'll need to do trimming as well. Just like Honda said, turn your wheel and measure how far your tire is from the fender.

your offset also makes the radius MUCH bigger. so thats why.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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