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So, Ive got a new long bed on order. It's supposed to be here Nov 3rd. Now I see that the $3500 rebate is over on Monday. Has anyone been watching the market to see what the rebates have been over the past couple of years? I'm wondering if there is going to be a gap between the end of this rebate and the begining of the next one. I have put a deposit on this truck and I was planning on buying it as soon as they get a vin number. I know it's sight unseen but I would like to avoid having to make another payment on the current truck and the dealer was fine with letting me continue to drive it until my new truck gets here.

Maybe I should just wait for it to get here and hope the rebate is back when it does. Then I get to walk around the truck and kick the tires and such before signing all the papers.

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