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35's and city driving

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I know it probably depends on the rear end, I don't have the big tow package so I think I have the 2.9 something gears it said on the sticker placed on the diff.. but for city driving how many of you drive in overdrive and how many of you drive in 4th? I was reading that it can help with city mpg's but idk if I believe that since it's going to hold at higher rpms.. the thing I did noticed when driving in 4th rather then overdrive was that it wasn't switching gears as much. So maybe it would be better for the Trans and torque converter?
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The reason guys use 4th around town is because it causes less load to drive down the road. In 5th it might have lower rpms, but is working much harder to maintain speed rather than if you went to 4th. Thus yielding better fuel economy (theoretically).
I use to use 4th because the truck strugged in 5th too much, idk if it was saving/costing mpg, but i know it was less stress on the drivetrain. Now that i have gears though, i leave it in 5th all the time.
Did you have the big tow option ? What gear ratio did you go with ? And can you do any gear ratio with any locker?
Yes i had the BT 3.36 gears, and i went to 4.11.

And Im not too sure about the gear ratio with any locker, I would assume so, but they dont make too many gear options or locker options.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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