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35x12" -44 offset with 35"s on Procomp 6" question

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I just got a set of 20"x 12" - 44 offset wheels for a song. I have a 6" pro comp lift on my 04 CC now. I've had 35x12.50" muds on 17" wheels on it with no problems / rubbing, etc.
Id really I'd like to go with 35" x 12.50"s on these new 20x12"- 44 offset wheels but I'm not sure they will fit with the width and size of the new wheels?
I've researched several threads, but still not sure. Any input (or pictures) would be awesome. Thank you in advance Titan talk brothers!
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whats the backspacing on the rims? most spindles will only clear rims with 5.0" backspacing - anything larger and you'll probably end up with some rubbing
Backspacing is 4.24 inches on 12" wide, -44 offset. You'll be fine on the spindles, but you'll probably have to cut a ton off your pinch weld.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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