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13 states, mountains, flats, highways, city congestion, etc....

1. MPG = Best 16.3 - speed limited to 65 mph by traffic and speed limit. Average MPG when at 70+ = 15.7
2. Thank God for the lower mirrors in the big tow mirrors. Don't know how I got along without them in my old 2004 SE 4x4.
3. Home made plywood tonneau worked like a charm.
4. Used Road Wrap to cover the front. Worked great.
5. Wish the head lights were better.
6. Wish the instrument cluster would light up even when all lights are off. Left the parking lights on for most of the trip so I could see the gauges.
7. Back seats flipped up, with a big dog bed down, and my 2 bird dogs were very comfortable. Gain scented AC vent air freshener came in handy.
8. Thought the big tow mirrors wind noise would bother me, it did not.
9. Tires: BFG – AT – TA - KO2, LT275 – 60 – R20, were great on and off road.
10. Wipers: Bosch micro-edge = 22 inches:#40722A, 24 inches:#40724. Worked great, look just like OEM which were getting old even after only 10 months.

All in all great trip, truck worked great, ran like a champ, loaded down and empty. No surprises, did it 4 times in my last Titan.

Pics are of Road Wrapped truck, can barely tell from a distance. Covered front, air flow holes cut out and also on mirrors.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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