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I'm thinking about the 4 inch lift. Don't want to do the 6 inch, it seems to high and wont fit my needs as well as wanting to stay with a 33 inch tire. Im fond of my wheel tire set up already and dont want to switch.

i have been studying both kits and it seems like the Rancho kit is built better.

They both required cutting/drilling holes in the cross members to mount the drop brackets.

Seems the Rancho kit comes with aft braces and the RC kit its an optional purchase.

nothing seems to extend the drive shaft? guessing it has enough slip yoke i guess?

Any one that owns or has experience with them have any feedback?
will my bilstein 5100 work for the rear? seems the RC comes with shocks and the rancho doesnt come with rear shocks.

links to page with installation instructions for both:
2015 - 2004 Nissan Titan 4WD - 4-in. Suspension System - Nissan - Suspension Systems - Rancho® Performance Products

4in Suspension Lift Kit for 04-15 Nissan Titan [874.20] | Rough Country Suspension Systems®

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