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4 LTXs installed this weekend.

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Well this weekend I had to bite the bullet and buy a new set tires. I had one of the stock Goodyears do a soft fail. A sidewall leak that could not be repaired. At 98K Kilometres, I think I got good mileage from the original factory tires, which are always known to be crap.

I knew this day was coming, so I was doing a lot of research of what I wanted in a new tire. I mostly drive on highway, lot of rain on the wet Coast, and some days in very wet snow. Budget pressures kept me on the stock 18” rims. Though I am still toying with 20” down the line. I like the look of the Nitto TerraGrapplers in 325/60/18. My son loves his 20” BF T/A Kos, and I also looked at the Durtracs in the 295/65 18.

At the end of the day, I got a set of Michelin LTX M/S2s. My previous GM K2500 had over 500K kilometres on it before I gave it to my son, and I always ran the original LTXs with great success. They run very well in the rain and light to medium snow. And honestly, you cannot beat them on the open highway. They are fast, quiet and efficient. My wife commented this weekend that the new tires where much quieter and smoother then the Goodyears.

Are they the coolest looking tire on a Titan... NO. However, I do believe they are an excellent choice for someone who wants a good highway and rain tire.

BTW my plan was to order these tires from Discount tire as they have been great in answering all my questions. However, the tire failure and our Canadian Postal Strike resulted in my needed to get a set locally. West Coast Tire here in Victoria did a great job and their prices are the best in town.

All I need now is to get my front Frozen Rotors/Hawk Pads installed and I will be a very happy Titan Pilot :)

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Congrats! The sooner you do the rotors, the happier you'll be! Just did mine and I'm pissed I didn't do it sooner :D
I'm probably going to bite the bullet on some new Michelin's as well, my front tires are down to 4/32's so its about time. I have been pretty happy with the Dueler Alena's I am currently running, rain traction is great and they have almost 50K on them, but snow traction was a bit lacking so I'm going to try the Michelin's this time around.
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