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4 wheel drive

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Hello, i am a new member. I have a 2004 NISSAN TITAN LE, and i was having an issue with ABS light and my SLIP light. While i was replacing my CV axles i broke the wire coming from front wheel assembly and not sure what the wire actually is but my ABS and SLIP lights were on after it broke. So i tried to connect the wire back together and it wouldn't go off. i tested my 4 wheel drive and it wouldn't come come on judging by the image on my instrument panel on the inside. So i starting checking voltage on the wire i broke and found my polarity and connected the wire back together. the lights went off as soon as i starting driving and now my 4 wheel drive cuts on according to image on the instrument panel. How do i know it actually works without getting it in the mud to see?
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A quick test on pavement shouldn't hurt anything. Switch it in and see if the truck seems to buck and snort if you try to turn. If it does? Switch it back off and fuggedaboutit.
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