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4 wheel drive

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Hello, i am a new member. I have a 2004 NISSAN TITAN LE, and i was having an issue with ABS light and my SLIP light. While i was replacing my CV axles i broke the wire coming from front wheel assembly and not sure what the wire actually is but my ABS and SLIP lights were on after it broke. So i tried to connect the wire back together and it wouldn't go off. i tested my 4 wheel drive and it wouldn't come come on judging by the image on my instrument panel on the inside. So i starting checking voltage on the wire i broke and found my polarity and connected the wire back together. the lights went off as soon as i starting driving and now my 4 wheel drive cuts on according to image on the instrument panel. How do i know it actually works without getting it in the mud to see?
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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