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Hi Everyone,

Please bear with me. New to "TITAN Talk" & I'm not even sure I should be posting and looking for direction & info to help me with my dilemma But, what the hell.

Last December 12/10/2019 just 10 minutes after I got home my 4WD TITAN LE Crew Cab was hit Head-on while parked alongside the curb, in front of my house
by a 20 year old kid who said; "I was just trying to avoid hitting a squirrel."

I was inside and heard a loud "BOOM!!!". I looked out the front window and saw her BMW sunk underneath my TITAN & smoke pouring out from under her hood.

Thinking "FIRE" & "Evidence" (for the Insurance) I grabbed my phone, ran to the garage grabbing 2 fire extinguishers and out the garage door trying to making sure
the young kid was out of her car & the fire was out.

Since my TITAN was parked and no one inside, the young kid was found to be 100% liable. That's a tough way to learn not to "Text"....Oops...did I just say that??

I took my TITAN to a AAA recommended Auto Body shop explaining what happened and showed them a small "bolt hole" that split open it connects to a "CST Lift Kit
bracket" on the lower left front cross member of the chassis.

Within 2 minutes they said what nobody wants to hear, and with something so small I never expected; "IT'S TOTALLED!!" I just about "xxxT" my pants.

AAA offered $11,100 to sell to them or, $8,100 if I kept it. If I would have accepted their $11k offer it would kill me knowing someone @ Auction would pay $3k and
another 2k to fix it and I'd have to see them driving around Newark, Ca in my truck while I'm driving some little beater car not big enough for me to stretch my legs.

I accepted the $8,100 and am now desperately trying to get my TITAN's suspension & CST Lift kit repaired &/or replaced with one equal to or better than the one
I had installed when I bought my truck in 2004.

I have a friend who works at an Auto Body shop and his friend has a shop with a frame puller. They helped me straighten the front left wheel since it had shifted
backwards damaging part of the "CST 7" Lift kit parts.

We were able to repair;
  • The Small (bolt hole) torn open from the bolt (lower left front cross member of the frame) -------> (welded, fixed for now)
  • The CST Lift kit's brackets (front/rear) part of the front suspension are straightened -------> (used frame puller to straighten)
We did this Friday 1/10/2020 & Saturday 1/11/2020 I took it to "BIG-O-TIRES" for a "Front-End Alignment" which my friend said would tell is if the front-ends really
straight and/or what else I'll need to do.

  1. Possibly need to new "Lower" Control Arm
  2. Replace "Inner, Outter" Tie Rods
  3. Replace "Front Axles"
  4. Replace "CST 7" Lift-Kit
What I'm hoping, after all that...LOL

Can anyone tell me what a solid 7" or better "Lift-Kit", compared to the one you see in these pictures, would be for "OFF-ROAD & Street" use for my 04 TITAN?

P.S. These are pictures of my truck before & after the accident. The dealer had 4WP install my kit in 2004. They never said what Kit was installed so I'm only
guessing it's a CST based on my internet searches and these pics. Any help is appreciated!!


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