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4wd conversion....

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I know i am going to get spammed for this but I have not found any new or recent threads on doing the conversion. I have a 2009 2wd titan that is my pride and joy. Trading it in is not an option since it is about 12k up side down. I am just wondering if anyone has been successful with this conversion. When I bought my Titan, I was looking for a Pro 4x but there was not one with in 100 miles of my house and they had this gorgeous 2wd on the lot and they made me a great deal. So, go ahead and spam me :bangit: lol but while you are doing it could you answer the post too. Thanks for any help with this. :spam:
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it would be too much money bud, it's just better that you trade it in for a 4wd :)
2wd isnt so bad, i like mine!!!
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